What is Quick Buster Minaru? 【INTRODUCTION ~ Introduction】
In a parallel future filled with science and adventure which we used to dream of…..
In Europe under the cold war with the dark clouds of coming war,
One girl and three boosted man warriors stand up against the mighty enemies!
25 years ago,
The author Mr. Akihiko Kikawa, who drank with his colleagues at Shinjuku, saw the signs of “Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal” nowadays, and got inspiration like electric light.
“How about a story of a girl named Minaru who will destroy Shinjuku at a tremendous speed and power?”
This idea seemed to crack his colleagues so much at that time, they were drunk too although.
However Kikawa, who took this reputation seriously, never gave up brushing up the story and at last finished it into a magnificent story now, 25 years after the day in Shinjuku.
He has put the futuristic dreams that he himself dreamed of as a boyhood such as intelligence wars under the Cold War, acting scenes of cyborg superiors, and various elements into this story, Quick Buster Minaru.
Thus Supernova Books’ first cloud funding project started to realize Kikawa’s quarter century dream, “novelizing Quick Buster Minal” on September 21, 2017 and then the final achievement amount was 1,289,500 yen, 108 people supported this project and finished successfully on  October 27th.


■”Quick Buster MINARU” Cover design